Patio DIY Projects Add Sparkle to Your Summer

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Be Creative and Have Fun with these Patio DIY Projects

Summer is an ideal time to give outdoor spaces a facelift.  Consider these DIY projects and start looking forward to enjoying a fresh breeze on a hot day from the comfort of your upgraded patio. 
Fresh lighting.  Get creative and brighten up your patio by re-purposing an old chandelier, or add sconce lights along the walls and string lights wrapped around the banister or lattice.
Seating options. Create a cozy inside feel outside with new seating options. A storybook stone table can give a fun rustic feel, while a bistro table can be chic. Think big and add a dining table area. Moving dinners or parties outdoors adds a welcome surprise for friends and family.

Fire pit. For added warmth or added atmosphere, a fire pit is something that a majority of us can enjoy. It can be as easy as stacking paving stones in a circle to create an above-ground fire pit in one afternoon. Or dig down for an in-ground fire pit using a steel insert or pavers. To make the space more inviting, scatter some metal chairs and potted plants nearby (but not too close to the fire, of course). 
Container gardens. Container gardens can be sprinkled thought your patio area to add pops of color. If you have a green thumb, add edibles to your garden and munch on the fruits of your labors straight from the vine.

Hang a green wall. Floating plants are gallery wall for the outdoors. Attach flat-backed planters to the slats using zip ties or small hooks, and then fill them with an array of colorful plants.
Pizza oven. Start a new summer tradition with a pizza night. You can purchase one ready to go, or if you dare, go the 100% DIY route here.
Outdoor movie screen. It can be as easy as stringing a line between deck posts or trees. Simply throw a white sheet on the line, flip on the projector and it’s movie time!
We will all be staying closer to home this summer. Why not make it as enjoyable as you can! Also, be sure to adhere to your local reopening guidelines when entertaining as we continue to navigate the COVID pandemic.