Signs It's Time to Sell Your Home

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Signs It’s Time to Sell this Summer

One of the hardest things to do when you want to sell your home is figuring out when the right time to move on is. The housing market is constantly changing and there are all kinds of other influences that can hinder your desire to sell your home. But there are certain situations and circumstances that actually make selling your home lucrative. Here are some signs that it’s time to sell your home this summer.

4 Reasons It’s Time to Sell Your Home

The Seller’s Market is Thriving
One of the most tell-tale signs that it’s time to sell your home is when the seller’s market is booming. Right now in Orange County, the luxury market is holding strong. Over the past couple weeks there has been a 4 percent increase in pending sales. If your home is priced above $1.25 million, it’s time for you to capitalize on the market. Want to sell but your home falls in a range that isn’t necessarily seeing a lot of activity? Don’t let that deter you. Just make sure you price your home properly. Seek the help of your realtor to help determine the best, most profitable course of action when selling your home.

Financial Pressures Heading into Retirement
As you progress through life and stay in the same home, you may or may not have the same amount of people living with you as you did when you moved in. Maybe your kids have flown the coop or your marital situation has changed over the years. Living in a home that’s too big for you can cause unnecessary financial pressures as you head into retirement and the later stages of life. Selling your home before you start living on a fixed income can help decrease the pressure you feel, and when you’re getting older the less stress you have, the better.

You’ve Grown
Another pretty obvious sign that you should sell your home this summer is if you’ve just plain outgrown it. Maybe you and your spouse moved in when you were starting a family and now you have a small soccer team. Your original 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath residence might have worked for you when you just started out, but as you add to your family you’re going to start outgrowing your home. Before you get uncomfortable in your space, sell your home and upgrade to something more spacious.

High Maintenance Home Ownership
There are many homes throughout Orange County that need more TLC than others based on their age alone. Some homes have larger yards and need more landscaping, some homes have carpet throughout, others have hardwood floors and some are just old. Homes take time and money to maintain, and if you’re not willing to invest either of those things into your own home for the long-term, it might be time for you to move on from your high maintenance home.

Sell Your Orange County Home This Summer

There isn’t much time left to capitalize on the second best time of year to sell your home. Whether you’re looking to downsize your current living situation or make a profit on a property you’ve been holding on to, I can help you. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to personal service, I’m ready to help you sell your home as seamlessly as possible. Contact me today to get started with the listing process. 

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Kathy Burns

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