The Perks of Having Access to Luxury Amenities

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Benefits of Having Access to Luxury Amenities

Orange County is booming with development and housing communities are being designed with all kinds of perks to draw people in. From tennis courts to boat docks, private parks to schools, many gated communities and community-like developments are providing luxury amenities for the benefit of the residents. You may not even realize that some of the amenities provided include convenience. Here are some of the benefits of having access to luxury amenities in the community where you live.

4 Benefits of Access to Luxury Amenities

Walking Distance to Points of Interest
There are so many benefits to having access to luxury amenities, but this may be the best one. When you’re picking out a home, you want it to be in an ‘A’ location. Being able to have your kids walk to school, walk to the beach or walk to the shopping center make a location even more attractive. Living within walking distance to points of interest throughout your Orange County neighborhood is a luxury amenity within itself. There aren’t many places that have as many developments that give you this type of amenity, but Orange County has plenty of options. If you want to explore those more, I can help you find a listing that is in an area within walking distance of places that are attractive to you.

When you think about what’s important to your home’s location, convenience is probably a factor. Much like being within walking distance to points of interest, the convenience of having things like schools, stores and even hiking or walking trails is a luxury amenity that many places in Orange County provide. Communities like the Windwards community of Aliso Viejo and the Summit community in San Clemente offer all of these things and more, in a convenient, central location. Convenience is everything when it comes to luxury amenities.

Community Element
Something that places like communities’ offer is the actual element of community. There is a certain amount of friendliness and togetherness that comes from living in a community setting. You don’t necessarily get that everywhere you live. When you have children, the element of community can be especially beneficial for them. Some places even have monthly gatherings celebrating different events and giving residents a chance to come together and get to know one another. It’s an amenity that’s severely underrated.

Gyms, Pools and Parks
Another luxury amenity that many gated communities or new developments offer are gyms, pools, parks and sometimes, if the community is large enough, its own schools. Having access to a community pool or park gives your kids the opportunity to meet other children their age and get to know other people that live in the community. As an adult, things like the gym, tennis and basketball courts are a perk you can enjoy. Plus, if you live in a gated community, you know these areas are private and other people don’t have access to them, making them even more safe for you and your family.

Find a Community in Orange County with Luxury Amenities

If amenities like convenience, parks and access to hiking trails and beaches perks your interest, it’s time to find a place for you in Orange County. I have helped many clients find homes in exclusive gated communities and housing developments that have luxury amenities like the ones mentioned above. With more than 18 years of experience helping people find their dream homes, I would be honored to do the same for you. Contact me today to find a listing in Orange County that has the luxury amenities you’re looking for.

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